Welcome, music lovers all around the world, to ‘The PROGram’, a radio show fully dedicated to prog music, especially progressive rock. Airing each friday from 20 pm to 21 pm (CET), we’re bringing you the best of prog, may it be a classic or a forgotten jewel, a short ride of 3 minutes or a 20 minute long epos, of known bands or more unknown bands, for the passionate prog listener or those of you who are just about to dive into the prog universe.

At friday, september the 7th 2018, our first show aired. We gave a little introduction into prog music, explaining some characteristics of the genre (and it’s numerous subgenres) with the help of four bands that started of as prog artists, later playing pop music (YES and Genesis) or had some very radio friendly songs in their repertoire (Pink Floyd and Kansas).

The playlist was the following:

  • Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2
  • Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall Pt.1 & 3
  • Yes- Owner Of The Lonely Heart
  • Yes- Roundabout
  • Kansas- Dust In The Wind
  • Kansas- Carry On Wayward, Son
  • Genesis- Invisible Touch; I Can’t Dance; Land of Confusion; Jesus He Knows Me (each around 20 sec)
  • Genesis- Supper’s Ready (in it’s full length)

If you should miss a ‘PROGram’, no problem to come on board later. We’re re-running the show on saturdays (after the partyshow) and on wednesdays (same time as fridays).

I hope you enjoy each ‘PROGram’ as much as I do and if you don’t let me know with a comment, so it can be improved! 🙂

Free hugs and kisses to my listeners!

Svenja Bäcker


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